Philadelphia Eagles LB Nigel Bradham Arrested

Philadelphia Eagles LB Nigel Bradham Arrested

Nigel Bradham arrested

Philadelphia Eagles linebacker and former Florida State University star, was arrested after an incident involving him and several friends on Miami Beach.

Nigel Bradham, turned himself into Miami Beach Police on Monday, charged in the beating of a worker at the Hilton Bentley hotel last Thursday.

According to statements, a group of six people started arguing with the employee over the length of time it took to bring them an umbrella they had paid for. The verbal argument became physical, with the victim sustaining cuts and lacerations, including one to the back of his head when a glass battle was allegedly smashed over it. According to the police report, Bradham was charged with aggravated assault, a second-degree felony.

The six people then fled the scene, running toward Ocean Drive and entering a vehicle before driving away. A phone was discovered at the scene, which was handed over to police as evidence along with a receipt showing Bradham paid for the umbrella with his credit card.

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