Baylor Lineman Rami Hammad Arrested

Baylor Lineman Rami Hammad Arrested

Rami Hammad Arrest

Rami Hammad was arrested Monday on a felony charge for stalking his ex girlfriend. A Baylor professor called the police and reported that Hammad had waited for her before the professor’s class the woman was starting on July 7,  then continued to attempt to contact her, after police told him not to.

According to the affidavit, the woman told Hammad, to leave before she went to class, but he waited for her outside. Seeing him waiting, the woman was afraid to leave alone and asked for the professor’s help

She and the professor left together, and Hammad followed them to the professor’s office, where he began knocking on the door for several minutes. She told officers of another incident of abuse in March when an argument between the two turned physical and Hammad allegedly placed his hand on her throat and held her against a wall.

Hammad has been suspended by Baylor indefinitely.

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