Michael Bennett Thrown out of Practice

Michael Bennett Thrown out of Practice

Michael Bennett thrown out of practice

Michael Bennett has had more than his fare share of issues at training camp lately. On Thursday he was thrown out of practice for getting into a scuffle with left guard Mark Glowinski. He had to be restrained by tackle Jordan Hill before Pete Carroll had seen enough and kicked Bennett out of practice.

After the practice concluded, Bennett got fed up again and Cliff Avril had to grab him and bring him inside.

According to coach Carroll, “They want to play this game, they’re excited about what’s coming up, they want to get ready and be really at their best. So you’re seeing it,” he said. “It’s translating to sometimes we lose a little bit of really the poise that we need.

“We can’t play like that. You get in a skirmish, you get thrown out. That’s what happens. That happened today. That’s just the way … we do it. We need to take it to the heights that we can really get the most out of it. I love the way our guys are working. We need to work together really well at that as we learn.”

Hopefully for the Seahawks sake, this is the last time Michael Bennett gets thrown out of practice.

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